Live Sound: Monitors on SM12

Live Sound: Monitors on SM12.. Sunset Strip's Whisky-agogo with the AudioK9 running monitors on a SoundCraft. This SM12 is a 32-channel live console with 12 mix-groups and 4semi-parametric sweepable EQ's per strip for killing.. those unwanted offending freq's.


Pro Tools: diY 909 Kick!

Beat Producers: Now it's time to roll out the 909, since we hit the 808 kick drum sound in the last tech tip. Here we cover the 909 kick, building one from scratch in Pro Tools! Little history, the original 909 kick drum sound came from a Roland® TR-909 Rhythm Composer drum machine.


Pro Tools: diY 808 Kick!

Music Producers: If you are a fan of the 808 kick drum sound, here's a tech tip on building one from scratch in Pro Tools! The original kick drum sound came from a Roland® TR-808 Rhythm Composer drum machine.

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Pro Tools: New Session

This micro-blog is a continuation of the digital recording series. Since I'm a Pro Tools guy working on a Mac, most of the dialog will be in the Digidesign Pro Tools environment. However, most of the technique and tips can be applied to any hardware/software/platform..


Digital vs. Analog?

Digital vs. Analog? This debate is ongoing in the geeky circles of audio technology and music production. However, one point clearly rules in the project studio- budget!


Guide: Top 25+ Clubs in USA!

Top 25+ Clubs in USA»

Good ole Mainstreet USA! If you love a rock 'n roll out on the road nightlife and live for the music entertainment lifestyle- then check out this indie music directory..


eQ Tips 4project studio

This micro-blog is in response for eQ/mix help on home project studio recordings. EQ and other tricks in the tracking sessions can make or break an original digital audio file. The right or wrong technique implemented in record/mix mode including everything from mic set-up to eq'ing the track.. can render a song's mix with clean, pristine tracks or an utter mess of digital clips or distortion.


Digidesign Digi003R

Today mixmike101 starts a series on music demo recording for garage bands and other indie artists. In this series we will discuss basic hardware, audio software, and project studio tips/techniques for new audio engineers or artists to put to work. Major labels might still run sessions/mixes though a professional studio geared up for pro-sound. However, there's a ton of new fun digital gear for the rest of us to capture a great project studio sound.


Tip: 10 music-demo steps!

Hmmmm.. so you want to make your first demo? Maybe you play guitar in a garage band and would kill to get a gig at a local club or rockin brewhaus on Main Street USA.

Only thing is you don’t exactly know how to do it, what to do, and how much it will cost. Check it out..